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79 Malefant Street

What tenants thought

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Best: it has lovely flooring in the house, it's a very big spacious house and although I have the smallest room at the back, I have two different rooms, one with a desk, one with my bed. Worst: our neighbours are druggies and are also foreign asylum seakers who don't speak much English, they're very noisy and fight a lot, one of them paces outside our house and before one of them climbed up and was peaking into one of the girls rooms, we have called the police many times on them. They still climb up there and leave little gifts to torment us like shoes and tea towels etc. Also there's an awful smell in our kitchen, it smells like something has died and we have had people come look at it, we clean it regularly and also have a tonne of diffusers and air fresheners, it just doesn’t go:( They claimed that they cleaned the property before we moved in but it was awful, they must've just thrown bleach around the place. All of our countertops were covered in dust, grime and dirt:(

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