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4 Gladys Street

What tenants thought

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We have asked for various issues to be fixed hundreds of times since we moved in and nothing has been done at all. Including - plug sockets are coming out of the walls, this has resulted in everything plugged into the wall being switched off, this has damaged various appliances we own; bed slats breaking under no weight with nobody on the bed; 2 beds currently broken that need replacing; broken wardrobe, the back and the bottom has come out; the ignition switch on the oven has never worked, this is posing a danger. No carbon monoxide alarm we are aware of, we need one of these as soon as possible! Table has always been snapped in half. No mail box. We are holding up a bed with bricks due to the support dipping and breaking. Arm chair is broken in the up position. Front door rubber seal and handle broken. Freezer seal broken. No gas safety certificate. Garden bricks and wall fallen down. Hooks fell off the bathroom door. All the blinds are broken curtains have never been attached. We have nowhere to sleep, we had rats for months because they refused to fill a hole, we now all have significant back problems and CPS are trying to charge us for everything even if it was broken before we moved in

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