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11 Daniel Street


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Best thing about the house is there is a kitchen in the basement. If you buy some LED strip lights then makes it perfect for a sesh! Also, all the bedrooms are a really good size and there’s SO many bathrooms, so never really any queues for the toilet! Worst thing about the house is that because it’s so large and has such a chaotic layout it’s always freezing. Also, the kitchen flooded when it was raining really heavily which was a bit shite, but this was eventually solved. And the ovens aren’t great - one on the left (the nuke oven we called it) burnt your good while the one on the right would never cook it enough.
They’re really bad at answering their emails, taking absolute yeaaaars to reply so always try & email AND ring them so that you’ve got everything in writing and so that they hurry up. Haven’t got into getting our deposit yet we’re still waiting for the results of our exit inspection back!
Nice property, but it wasn’t made clear that the landlord would be staying the the house at the weekends
Friendly, but is live in

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